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Construction Law


One of New York’s leading law firms in construction law and construction litigation, K&C has adeptly handled numerous such matters for both our public and private clients involving claims in the tens of millions of dollars. 


Our attorneys are recognized authorities in the area of construction and architect/engineering law, and have published and lectured widely in the field.

Construction Claims and Litigation:

Construction disputes tend to be highly complex, often involving multiple parties, detailed contracts, design drawings and specifications, complicated fact issues, and large volumes of project documents and cost records. More than most litigations, construction cases also typically involve numerous separate and distinct areas of dispute, often involving different construction trades and different elements of design and construction. The subject of construction critical path scheduling, as well as construction accounting, add further layers of difficulty to the adjudication of such disputes.


The attorneys at K&C are experienced in handling both the legal and logistical challenges of such complex, technical disputes in a knowledgeable, efficient and cost-effective manner.



The Firm routinely defends and prosecutes claims on labor and material payment bonds and performance bonds.  Our experience handling such matters has provided invaluable assistance in the defense or prosecution of surety bond claims.


K&C represents clients with payment and performance bond claims and advise sureties in pre-default investigations, default, take-over agreements and indemnity claims.  Based upon our extensive experience and keen awareness and insights into the technical aspects of the construction process which provides our attorneys with unique qualifications to counsel and protect the interests of our surety clients.


The best way to ensure the success of any construction project – and to avoid or minimize the cost and inconvenience of future disputes – begins with a well-drafted contract. K&C provides owners, architects and design professionals and contractors with solid guidance and advice in the negotiation and drafting of construction contracts, as well as knowledgeable counsel in resolving contract disputes without the need of litigation.

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