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Commercial Litigation


K&C provides tough, experienced and effective counsel in all types of complex commercial and business litigation in the federal and state courts. Our partners and associates are experienced in all phases of such litigation – from pleadings through discovery and motion practice, to trial, verdict and appeals.

The hallmark of our approach is careful early analysis of the issues and thorough preparation of the facts and law together with a keen understanding of our client’s objectives. Although K&C strives to avoid protracted and unnecessary litigation by exploring settlement options at an early stage in any litigation, we are prepared to take our clients’ cases to trial when necessary to vindicate our clients’ rights.

Commercial Litigation:

K&C adeptly handles litigation of commercial cases arising out of complex corporate, real estate and business disputes. Often, such disputes involve a multiplicity of legal claims and defenses, as well as numerous parties. Key to handling such matters effectively is our ability to identify the most essential legal and factual issues early in the litigation, and to conduct effective, focused discovery to establish the evidence supporting our clients’ legal position.

Our clients in complex commercial cases span the globe: from major FORTUNE 500 and international companies and financial institutions, to federal, state and local government agencies and authorities, as well as prominent local businesses and executives.

Corporate/Partnership Disputes:

With extensive experience resolving business disputes resulting from a variety of corporate contracts and similar transactions – as well as disputes among shareholders and partners in various business organizations – K&C’s attorneys combine the requisite knowledge and experience with business law, corporate organizations and governance together with sophisticated financial sense, to litigate such matters effectively.

Real Estate and Land Use Litigation:

K&C is experienced in all forms of litigation resulting from contracts for the purchase, sale, development, division and use of real property and real estate investment transactions. K&C represents clients in disputes over ownership (quiet title actions), boundaries, or other conflicting rights concerning the use and enjoyment of property.



​Skilled in the area of intellectual property rights, K&C’s attorneys have handled matters involving claims resulting from federal copyright, trademark and unfair competition laws, including the Lanham Act and similar state unfair competition laws.  

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